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Many of you have learned about our products through our auctions on E-bay and Yahoo. This site is provided for those repeat  customers who want those same items for a little less than what we sell them for at auction.

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U. K. SL4 Dive Light                                       

MSRP: $39.99  Our Price: $28.99 / USA      











U.K. SL6 Dive Light

MSRP: $52.00  Our Price: $38.99/ USA









Bubba- Talking Redneck Doll

 Our Price: $11.00 / USA                          













Moira- Talking Jewish American Princess

Our Price: $11.00 / USA







Pimp Daddy- Talking Doll        

Our Price: $11.00 / USA                                              












 Ah Poo- Talking Indian Doll  

Our Price: $11.00 / USA










 Bear- Talking Gay Doll

Our Price: $11.00 / USA










Wu Tang- Talking Chinese Doll    

Our Price: $11.00 / USA












 Oddo- Talking Gay Doll

Our Price: $11.00 / USA 









Sexellence- Herbal Supplement

Our Price $9.00








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